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Bathmate Penis Pump

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No fuss, just buzz. The Bathmate Penis Pump is a technologically advanced love toy. Unlike its competitors, the Bathmate doesn’t require you to manually pump a trigger or valve. It’s rechargeable and with a quick push of a button, the vacuum automatically starts for you.

  • Size: length 8.66″ / diameter 2.7″
  • Advanced electronic suction
  • Silicone sleeve and hands-free

Out of stock

Product description

Bathmate Penis Pump Features

Tired of manual pumping and squeezing? The Bathmate Penis Pump lets you sit back and enjoy while it does the job of making your penis hard and long. It automatically creates a vacuum for you through the use of electric suction. The cylindrical instrument measures up to 8.66" and the diameter measures 2.7", a size that can fit most penis length. It also has a decompression button which releases the vacuum once you're satisfied with your penis length and girth.

How Is The Toy Used?

The Bathmate Penis Pump has simple operating functions. Insert your penis inside the cylinder. Press firmly but only at your comfortable level. To start the vacuum, turn on the love toy by clicking on the power button. You can keep the vacuum for up to 15 minutes. When satisfied, release the vacuum by clicking on the decompression button.

Who Can Use The Toy?

The Bathmate Penis Pump is not only built for men who want to have a bigger and longer erection, but it’s also for those who experience premature ejaculation and have trouble getting it up in bed. It’s easy to use so it’s perfect for beginners. Advanced users are going to love it for its effective results.
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  1. Simon
    Worked fine. I got bigger and harder in a matter of a few minutes. I'll keep using it. Girlfriend said she "feels" that I got bigger when I used the pump

Bathmate Penis Pump
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