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Bed Restraint Kit

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You’ve been a bad, bad girl. We got just the thing to get you to straighten your act. Our Bed Restraint Kit can render you immobile and utterly helpless in bed. You’re going to be trapped in bed until you learn your lesson…

  • Handcuffs size:35*6 cm/ Legcuffs size:40*6 cm
  • Can fit any mattress size
  • Perfect for hardcore bondage play

Stock is available

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Product description

Bed Restraint Kit Features

Bad girls like you need to be taught some much-needed discipline. And you’re going to learn all that while trapped in bed, your hands and feet bound and restrained. The Bed Restraint Kit is made from PU + cotton that can restrict your movements and put you in your proper place—right under your dominant’s feet and strict orders—totally defenseless and in a helpless state. The handcuffs measures 35*6 cm while the legcuffs measures around 40*6 cm.

How Is The Toy Used?

The love toy is made with convenience and effectiveness in mind. Simply insert your or your sub's wrists in the hand restraints and ankles on the ankle restraints. Adjust the straps according to how tight or loose you want it. Position the restraint straps around the sides or on the foot and head part of the mattress to keep it secure.

How To Clean The Toy?

For PU + cotton love toys such as Bed Restraint Kit, you can clean it by using a damp cloth dipped in water and mild soap. Wipe away the dirt on the love toy. Let it air dry. When it’s dry enough, store it in some place separate from your other love toys to avoid contamination.
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  1. Reiko
    I so love this! My husband loves to tie me up in bed. 😍😍

Bed Restraint Kit
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