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Bunny Penis Ring

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Don’t be fooled by its cute bunny ears. The Bunny Penis Ring is actually a naughty love toy made for some serious hanky-panky business in the bedroom. It’s a vibrating penis ring you can slip on for a night of endless passion.

  • Size: length 1.73″ / diameter 3.15″
  • For targeted penile stimulation
  • Button batteries included
  • Quiet design

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Product description

Bunny Penis Ring Features

The Bunny Penis Ring is not as innocent as you think it is at first sight. With its knobs, vibrating function, and two protruding fingers that are like rabbit ears, this love toy can give your partner a delightful clitoral and vaginal stimulation. It has a total length of 1.73" and a diameter of 3.15" and includes 4 button batteries so you can have long-lasting fun with it. Because it’s a penis ring, its built to make your erections bigger, longer and stronger.

How Is The Toys Used?

Insert the button batteries in the sides of the love toy. Slip your flaccid or semi-erect penis inside the ring. The Bunny Penis Ring is made from high-quality silicone that stretches and accommodates most penis sizes. Just thrust your penis with the ring around it inside your partner’s vagina or anus. Point the fingers or rabbit ears towards the vagina so your partner gets an additional clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

Who Can Use The Toy?

The Bunny Penis Ring is for everyone who has an adventurous and exploring side to them when it comes to sex. Whatever the size of your penis is, this love toy can give you that kinky fun you’ve been seeking for. Couples can use the toy during penetration but it also works well for solo masturbation because of its vibrating function.
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Review 1 of 2
  1. Batman
    Was not able to use the item because the hole is too small and the rubber is too tight which causes pain when used

  2. Batman
    Was not able to use the product because the hole is too small and causes pain when forced

Bunny Penis Ring
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