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Gum Drop Kegel Balls


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Squeeze, jiggle and push. With the Gum Drop Kegel Balls, you have a silicone-based holster and a pair of smooth and velvety balls that jiggles and feels amazing when inserted in your vagina.

  • Size: length 6.25″ / diameter 1.5″ and 1.2″
  • Weight available: 15g/25g/35g/55g
  • For pelvic strengthening but also vaginal stimulation

Out of stock

Product description

Gum Drop Kegel Balls Features

Give your vagina the work out that it needs. The Gum Drop Kegel Balls are not only good for strengthening your pelvic muscles but also for sending you pleasurable stimulations. Every slight movement you take with this love toy in your vagina can help with your pelvic floor training. It comes with a stretchable holster that can fit the kegel balls of varying sizes so you can easily change the sizes from beginner to advance. The weight of the balls available are 15g/25g/35g/55g with total dimensions of length 6.25" by diameter 1.5" and 1.2".

How Is The Toy Used?

The love toy is pretty easy to use. Simply insert the kegel balls inside your vagina. Make sure you are lubricated enough before insertion. You can use our lube for smooth insertion. The best time to wear the love toy is when you are the most active. You can wear it outside or while cleaning the house. The kegel balls can be pulled out easily once you are done using them.

Who Can Use The Toy?

Any woman who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and want to have better orgasms can use the Gum Drop Kegel Balls. Beginners can use the smaller balls since they are only starting out and can gradually move to bigger balls from there. Wearing the love toy for 15mins every day is enough if you’re a beginner.
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Gum Drop Kegel Balls
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