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Rocket Penis Pump

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Ready, set, launch! Just a few pumps with the Rocket Penis Pump and you can watch your penis grow to its maximum potential. You are going to be so strong and hard, you’re going to feel like a rocket about to take off.

  • Size: length 8.8″/ diameter 2.75″
  • Includes a user manual
  • Sturdy and compact

Stock is available

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Product description

Rocket Penis Pump Features

Make a big bang with the Rocket Penis Pump. It has a total dimension of; length 8.8"/ diameter 2.75". Taking a no-bullshit approach when getting you ready for a sexy night, this love toy has a clear cylinder that’s safe and has anti-crack properties. Its sleeve can fit most penis sizes and its pump bulb/trigger is specifically designed for convenient use. You can watch for yourself as your penis grows in size and your confidence soars through the skies like a rocket that’s been launched.

How Is The Toy Used?

Ensure that all parts are securely connected. Apply a little lubricant around the silicone/TRP ring to reduce friction. Gently insert your semi-erect or flaccid penis inside the cylindrical instrument - ensure that the seal is airtight around your penis. Create a vacuum and start gently pulling the suction to pump to comfortable pressure. Air is going to be pumped into the cylinder. Don’t pump for more than 15 minutes. Only maintain the vacuum at your comfort level. When satisfied, release the vacuum by removing the penis pump. If you feel any pain, please press the air release valve to decrease the pressure.

Who Is Going To Use The Toy?

The Rocket Penis Pump is for any man who wants a foolproof yet convenient way of getting harder, stronger and longer erections. It’s a love toy for singles and couples. You can use it for solo masturbation or if you want to practice edging. Couples can use it in many ways. Your partner can take charge of pumping while you enjoy the pleasure of getting pumped. You can return the favor by filling up your partner with your big penis.
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  1. Victor
    I love it! Naenjoy ko to last night hahahahah

Rocket Penis Pump
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