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Spank Me Whip

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Quirky and fun. The Spank Me Whip has a sleek stem and a playful whip that comes in 4 different designs—hand, feet, spade, and butterfly—all in the color black. Made from PU leather, each hit leaves a clean stinging sensation on the skin, leaving you whimpering in both pain and pleasure.

  • Length: 21.85inches
  • Weight: 72g
  • PU Leather
  • Butterfly
  • Foot
  • Hand
  • Spade

Earn up to 655 Points.

Earn up to 655 Points.

Product description

Spank Me Whip Features

Get ready to get spanked and beg for more. The Spank Me Whip is made from PU leather. It’s specifically built to give both pain and pleasure. Each contact with your skin leaves a sting that excites every nerve on the area that was hit. With a length of 21.85inches, it’s long enough to reach and cater to whatever dirty thoughts you’re up to. Weighing only 72g, you can easily play out your BDSM fantasies with the whip in your hands.

How To Use The Toy?

You can use the Spank Me Whip along with your other BDSM toys or as a standalone. It’s a great toy to use to spritz up your foreplay. While wearing a blindfold and restraints, tease your partner with the whip. Run it all around the torso, slowly but deliberately to keep them on their toes. Hit them with it. Just make sure you’re not seriously harming your partner. Establish a safe word first before engaging in BDSM activities.

How To Clean The Toy?

For PU leather love toys such as the Spank Me Whip, you can clean it by taking a clean towel and dipping it in water with mild soap. Use the wet towel to wipe off all the dirt. Let it air dry. After drying, store it separately from your other love toys to avoid contamination.
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  1. Veronica
    Cute toy. I like how it's not bulky and very discreet

Spank Me Whip
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